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So, like the crazy freak that I am, I went to the Red Sox parade today in Boston!

Last night, (Friday) my mom, her friend Mary Ann and I drove up to my aunts house in Melrose, MA. We left Auntie's house this morning at 6:40am, full Sox gear on, got to the T, got some coffee at the train station, met TONS of nice people, and rode into Boston. At about 7:25 we were settled into a FRONT ROW spot along Tremont St., right across the way from Boston city hall. I had to sweet talk a guy into letting us squeeze in, and he later admitted that he was trying to keep the rowdy people away from him.

With the parade more than 2 hours away, we made the most of it by watching the crowd throw rolls of toilet paper, hit beachballs around, and seeing 5 dumbasses get arrested, and then paraded down the street in front of everyone. There were brooms EVERYWHERE with Sox banners on them. People even had just plain brooms and they were passing them around. I saw three guys with no shirts on, bodies painted red, wearing banners as capes. There was another guy who printed out tons of pics of Tek smashing A-Fraud in the face, and was passing them around.

There was much chanting, and hollering, and clapping to go around, and even though it was raining, no one cared. The crowd was very controlled, and everyone was just happy to be there celebrating. I have never participated in so many "Let's Go Red Sox!" chants in my life. The 5 arrests that I saw were nothing but people throwing tennis balls around, and getting into scuffles with the people that they hit with the balls.

At one point they lined up the National Guard along the barriers, but they were just there to make sure that no one climbed over. They were having as much fun as we all were.

The Duck Boats FINALLY got to where we were at like 11:30, and it was wild. People were screaming, cheering, crying, taking pictures, the players were throwing confetti and candy.......... it was insanely fun. I got a few pics, but only a couple turned out good, which sucks, but that's ok cause I had that SWEET front row spot. I was inches away! :) Pedro and Derek played to everyone's cameras, and Pedro pointed at me while I was trying to take his picture. Of course I was jumping up and down, screaming like a FREAK, and momentarily forgot how to use the camera, so I didn't get the shot I wanted. I seriously was so excited I was half laughing, half crying through the whole thing.

After the parade went by, we walked over to Boston Common to let the crowd on the T thin out a tad. I have never seen that many people in one place before. They shut down all those streets, so it was kind of easy to get around, as we were able to walk in the road. After a small walk through the common, and stopping so Mary Ann could use the bathroom, we got on the train to go home. I had a permanent grin on my face the whole way home.

It was wild, exciting, and I loved every second. :) It wasn't until I got home and saw the footage that I realized how many people were there.