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Neville and Trevor welcome you!

Image by potterpuffs, details by carmen.


I added you :)
Love the banner! It makes me happy, hehe.

I just adore Neville. :)

Everything's okay, I hope?
For the most part, yes. :)
I'm moving to Cleveland, Ohio on Monday. I just discovered your new journal and hope you'll add me in return.
And here I was wondering why I had not seen you post in ages. That'll teach me for not watching for a while. Ima add you again if I may
Sure you can!
You moved, I was... distracted. Add me back? Peeeease? The penguies compel you!
Yay, the penguies! I had missed them.

Welcome back. :)


Well, you dont know me and I dont know you... but ran across your journal so thought I'd say HI. I just moved to CT and was searching ppls interests and such. Mind if I add you?